Founded in Charlestown, Bunker Hill Publishing is an independent publisher with an exciting lineup of books

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Bunker Hill Publishing is a New England based publishing house that publishes bestselling, non-fiction and fiction titles. Their mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders in communities across the country.

Bunker Hill Publishing sells its products through Amazon, Apple iTunes and Barnes & Noble. They also have an online store for books. They use Amazon’s recommendation engine with their products to help customers find exactly what they are looking for with minimal effort on their part.

Bunker Hill has created a proprietary algorithm that analyzes their sales data to determine which categories of authors sell best in different niches and target audiences. This helps them produce content that will be successful in different types of crowded markets. The know-how they gained from this process has helped them sell more e-books than any other company in the company’s history (over 3,000 titles) while retaining a constant $25 volume growth over the same period of time (3 years). This marketing technique has been completely copied by other publisher.

Bunker Hill Publishing has been an independent publisher for over 30 years. We have published books, non-fiction and fiction.

Bunker Hill Publishing is a full-service independent publishing company. We pride ourselves in maintaining a human touch with our authors and associates. While we do have automated processes that make the book editing process easier and faster, we still want our authors to care about their work and the results they get when they publish it in our books.

Bunker Hill Publishing Company, founded in 2012 by Val DiMaze and now run by Aaron DiMaze, is an independent publisher whose books are an eclectic mix of literary fiction, hard science fiction and mystery. Bunker Hill’s books examine difficult issues across all genres including science fiction, fantasy and horror, as well as commercial thrillers with a dystopian bent.

Bunker Hill Publishing specializes in producing books on a range of subjects. The company is run by special-needs children and uses their knowledge to produce content

The company was started in 2001 by parents who wanted a way for their son, who had cerebral palsy, to engage with the world. The founders felt that they could use technology to help their son develop his conversational skills and reading skills. They then focused on how to help the child learn how to read through the book and open an Kindle which he bought for himself. He enjoyed reading but was not able to interact with his peers because of his disability. So they thought that logic was not enough for him to understand this book he bought for himself and so decided on creating an introduction and vocabulary section, which would contain some images related to the book such as a picture of a tree or an igloo provided by Bunker Hill Publishing. This helped him enjoy reading more deeply because he has been enjoying it more than ever before.

Bunker Hill Publishing is a self-publishing company that produces books, offers book reviews and blog posts, promotes products on social media, & produces content for its site .

The Bunker Hill Publishing Company is an independent publisher focused on providing quality books and information to readers. With a great selection of over 80 titles available, including authors such as Stephen King and Walter Jon Williams.

Bunker Hill Publishing is an established publishing house. We produce books in the areas of business, technology, and social media.

Bunker Hill Publishing was established in 2015 by Ian Hooper and Kynie Huang. Bunker Hill is a digital publishing company focused on creating quality content. The company is currently headquartered in Charlestown, MA but with offices in San Francisco, CA and Beijing, China.

Bunker Hill Publishing (BBP) is an independent publisher with a great selection of published titles. Its mission is to collect, educate and inform the public about important topics, but most importantly – to be a stimulant for good writing.