Founded in Charlestown, Bunker Hill Publishing is an independent publisher with an exciting lineup of books

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Founded in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Bunker Hill Publishing is an independent publisher offering a wide array of captivating and thought-provoking books. With a love for stories that excite, entertain, and enlighten, this intrepid publisher aims to bring remarkable works from both established and emerging authors to a wider audience.

Beyond The Battlefield

At first glance, its name might evoke images of historical battles and military sagas. While it does pay homage to the historic town where it was born and embraces its significant place in American history – the famous Battle of Bunker Hill – the lineup of books published by Bunker Hill goes well beyond the scope of military history.

From Children’s Books to Compelling Biographies

Bunker Hill Publishing has managed to create an impressive, diverse catalog that caters to nearly every genre. Their publications range from children’s literature, gripping fiction tales, biographies, and memoirs that bring voices from the past into the present, to non-fiction works that inspire knowledge and growth.

With a focus on high-quality writing and storytelling that transports readers deep into a story or topic, Bunker Hill Publishing’s lineup appeals to various interests and reading preferences. Some standout titles include:

– “Charlestown Blues,” a collection of gritty crime stories highlighting the grim underbelly beneath the seemingly idyllic veneer of Charlestown.
– “The Legacy of Bear Mountain,” an anthology that delves into the history and folklore of a range of communities residing near Bear Mountain in New England.
– “The Adventures of Unemployed Man,” which takes a humorous pop-culture approach to discuss important socio-economic issues like unemployment.

What Sets Bunker Hill Publishing Apart?

In an industry that is increasingly driven by sales figures and marketability, Bunker Hill Publishing stands out with its unwavering commitment to bringing quality literature with depth and substance to the contemporary reader. This publisher thoughtfully cultivates its lineup with a keen eye for well-written work that resonates with readers while retaining literary integrity.

For authors, this means finding a dedicated publishing partner who values their stories and is committed to seeing them reach their full potential. Bunker Hill Publishing provides editorial support and actively participates in marketing efforts, ensuring books receive the attention they deserve.

Support Independent Publishers

It can be tough for independent publishers like Bunker Hill Publishing to carve out a space in the competitive world of book publishing dominated by giant conglomerates. However, it is these passionate independents who often give voice to new talent or unconventional stories that may not have found their way into readers’ hands otherwise.

In supporting them, you encourage creative freedom and empower fresh narratives capable of adding vitality to our literary landscape. So next time you’re looking for something memorable to read and cherish, consider picking up a book from Bunker Hill Publishing’s exciting lineup – you might just discover your next favorite author while supporting independent publishing!